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Intellectual Property


·        The GoPad mechanism is protected by robust patents, either granted or pending in these PCT countries:


Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, China, India, The UK and The European Union


·        Its latest improvements and accessories are covered by additional PCT and Canadian applications 







Business Snapshot


·        Visionary Technology Inc. is a Canadian company that’s been in business since 1996


o       We develop innovative products that solve real problems

·        We saw a need to improve the ergonomics of handheld tablets

o       Humans only have two hands but four hands are needed for optimal mobile performance

§        1-inch smartwatch tablets don’t solve the problem

§        12-inch desktop hybrid tablets don’t solve the problem

o       Wearable 8 to 10 inch tablets solve it beautifully!


·        This invention would be a strategic marketing asset for a tablet manufacturer

o       Wearability gives their handheld tablets a quantum improvement in usability

o       The wearable tablet also serve as a platform for:

§        Automotive infotainment

§        Wearable cameras

§        Printable fashion

o       Exclusivity would boost a tablet manufacturer’s sales and grow their market share



·        Interested tablet manufacturers are invited to test a pre-production evaluation sample

·        Interested tablet users are invited to support GoPad’s Crowdfunding campaign









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