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By working together







The wearable tablet acts as a giant viewfinder for the Wi-Fi connected camera, so itís easier to capture perfect images.The handsfree body-harness provides optimal comfort and image quality because your torso is more stable part of your body.







Why GoPadís handsfree body harness works so well



Itís a ďtensegrityĒ structure





ďTensegrityĒ is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller to describe a triangular network of tensioned cables that unify a series of compression members into an optimally efficient structure.


The small red circles above denote tensioned cables and the large green circles are compression members. The GoPadís left and right neckstrap cords are two of the three tensioned cables needed to compress the opened GoPad against the userís stomach and stabilize the structure.The third ďtensioned cableĒ is the elastic ďGoBeltĒ that attaches to the swingarm with Velcro.It stores around the userís waist when not in use.††








Why wearing it is so comfortable





Note how the shoulder strap cord runs from the far left corner of the tablet, up and over the userís shoulder; it then crosses diagonally across their back and emerges from under their arm.


This asymmetric harness configuration eliminates pressure on the back of your neck because the load is totally supported by one of your shoulders and back.








Even heavy cameras are comfortable to wear all day














Hereís an interesting GoCam application



Googleís Project Tango




It turns any tablet into a wearable 3D action cam



Project Tango incorporates high-performance 3D sensors into a specially-built handheld tablet.Itís a promising concept however it is hampered by poor ergonomics.Wearing the tablet instead of handholding it would greatly improve usability.


Increased hardware versatility and economy are even more interesting; since the camera and spatial sensors are housed separately, any tablet could be easily upgraded to 3D sensing.















GoPad gives your tablet a tripod mount



Itís The Ultimate Selfie Stick


Two ľ - 20 threaded holes in the GoPadís swingarm enable you to mount it on any tripod.Your tablet is transformed into a floor-standing tool for serious photography.††

























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