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“We want people as they enter the car to have an iPhone experience.”










Well, now there are THREE ways to have that experience:





ONE                                                                         TWO














1)    Price
Dashboard mounting a GoPad is amazingly cost-effective when compared to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.  Both of those systems are inherently expensive because they mirror the small touchscreen of your smartphone onto a bigger one that’s built into your car.  They behave like a smartwatch made for your car instead of your wrist.

+GoCar eliminates that dual-display complexity so it’s inherently less expensive.  Oh... and you don’t have to buy a new car!

Over a billion cars can be easily upgraded to Extreme Automotive Infotainment and you probably own one of them... so what are you waiting for?  Support GoPad’s Crowdfunding campaign and your perk will include everything you need to Get Going.








2)    Performance
This Car and Driver test report reveals why both CarPlay and Android Auto are “stuck in traffic”... they can only work with fewer than 20 apps!  The GoPad+GoCar gives you unrestricted access to over 1,000,000 apps!



Here’s a sample of driving apps that give GoPad a huge performance advantage


Waze            SpotHero               VBOX                 GoPro              Whatsapp              Firefox                 Gmap                Uber



Your supercharged old friend will zoom past the motorized wheelchairs


By enabling just these 4 apps GoPad becomes a “must-have” car accessory.  The Waze app helps you optimize your driving route; SpotHero helps you find parking spots and VBOX helps you maximize engine performance.  Just like CarPlay and Android Auto, you can voice-control your GoPad using either “Hey Siri” or “OK Google”.  GoCar will also work with “Hey Cortana” because the GoPad is launching with three Windows 10 versions.


The GoPro app displays real-time video so you can mount a camera pointed out your car’s rear window and stream rear-view action onto your dash. 





Together they give you a new rear-view driving experience




Car and Driver correctly pointed out that Waze, SpotHero, VBOX and GoPro are all “must-have” driving tools... but none of them can work in cars equipped with CarPlay or Android-Auto.  The other 4 apps shown above are also great for drivers.  Use Whatsapp for texting and VOIP to save money. The Firefox icon is there to pose this question to you: How useful is a car infotainment system that can’t surf the web?  The Gmap icon highlights the fact that only GoPad gives you total control.  GoPad gives you Total App Freedom!


The Uber app icon highlights the fact that GoPad is a powerful mobility tool for business.  Is there a taxi, dump-truck, fire-engine or delivery-van anywhere on earth that wouldn’t “Profit” from having a GoPad on its dash? 





Check out



It’s an offer you can’t refuse...













Oh... and don’t be confused by these “teeny-weeny tablet-holders


When you’re driving down The Infotainment Highway










3) Wearable Versatility... 


You can’t do THIS with any other car infotainment system



GoPad is The Big Tablet that Works Everywhere

























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