While worn in its Shoulderbag Mode, a GoPad

is faster and easier to use than a smartphone!



Testing Is Believing!








Swing the GoPad forward while flipping its hinged GoBag away from the screen




Handhold it for brief periods of touching or talking





Or, snap open the swingarm for longer periods of hands-free side-wearing





When you’re finished, snap the GoPad closed and let it fall back into Shoulderbag Mode



  • It takes less than 4 seconds to: swing the shoulderbag up, open it, use the tablet’s touchscreen and return it to shoulderbag mode.  That’s faster than most smartphone users can even find their “Tiny Tablet” stored in a pocket or purse. 
  • The GoPad/GoBag worn in Shoulderbag Mode outperforms any smartphone… it’s the biggest and smartest smartphone ever!

  • Since the GoBag is printable, it enables users to express themselves with amazing new fashion creativity



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