It prints images onto GoBags like printing them onto paper







Watch a video to see how dye-sub turns this little girl into a shoulderbag




Each GoBag comes alive with an image that’s limited only by your imagination







They used a personal touch to make beautiful and useful things to wear






Making customized GoBags is an ideal home-based business!


    • Making GoBags is a creative business with low start-up costs; it quickly turns into a profitable lifestyle
    • Every GoPad sold anywhere includes a custom-printed GoBag... there’s a bottomless market for fashion freedom!
    • Our manufacturing model uses online social media to connect each GoBag customer to a home-based producer
    • Customers can help design their bag by sending their producer a favorite photo or graphic through GoPad’s online store
    • If they don’t have a print graphic to upload, they can choose from our online catalogue of licensed artwork and bag textures
    • Customers interact visually with their GoBag producer, who expertly adjusts and enhances their image for printing
    • Customer and producer can also interact to create optional overlays that complement the GoBag’s printed image
    • “Bespoke” overlays are mosaics of velvet, leather, fishskin or other fabrics: the resulting shoulderbag is a new genre of art
    • Bespoke GoBags may also include detachable outer pouches for carrying items such as sunglasses, coins, a charger, etc
    • Ordering additional custom-printed GoBags is an amazingly cost-effective way for people to expand their wardrobe
    • Our target price for a basic additional custom-printed GoBag is $15 (including worldwide shipping)
    • Our target price for the complete GoPad tablet-wearing system is $130 (including worldwide shipping)
    • To enable retail sales of complete GoPads, a “GoBag Online Claim Coupon” will come with GoPads sold by Telcos
    • To fully understand GoPad’s home-based socially-networked manufacturing and distribution model see Appendix 2



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