Your GoPad will snap photos so that YOU can print a new wardrobe




Now you see it …                           … Now you wear it






Hmmm … printing a close-up of this pullover …                 … would create this matching shoulderbag






But I think I’d prefer this warm cardigan …                     … its GoBag will make it look even cosier






     Those stretch pants would NOT flatter my assets …     … but this GoBag will go perfectly with my new cardigan






Hmmm, a snapshot of that funky-looking hat …        … would print into an even funkier shoulderbag






Any of these fabrics would make a great office gift.                  Hmmmand then there’s my Book Club






My brother loves ties, but which one do I give him?            … my new motto is: “When in doubt, get them all






I have no idea what this thing is or does …                          … but I just invented a good use for it  : )






         I know this idea may seem crazy …                              … but my food-crazy sister will love it






Slide 27



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