List of Appendices


Appendix 1: Testimonials from early-adopters of the original GoPad

Appendix 2: GoPad’s Revolutionary manufacturing and distribution model (contact VTI for early access)


Appendix 3: An explanation of its special business synergy with retailers (contact VTI for access)


Appendix 4: An explanation of its special business synergy with Telco carriers


Appendix 5: The future of GoPad


Appendix 6: Inventor’s Blog and photo gallery






For Press Enquiries, Distributorships or OEM partnerships:


Peter Kielland


Visionary Technology Inc.

Ottawa, Canada






For Scandinavian Sales:


Ríkarður Leó Guðmundsson

The Icelandic Start-Up Center

Gullbringusysla, Iceland









GoPad is already patented or else on-track for robust IP protection in: Canada, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, China, India and the EU


New patent applications were recently filed to cover improvements disclosed in this slideshow and they are pending worldwide


The graphics shown on these slides are “Fair Use” illustrative examples that are used in a teaching context




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