How GoPad helps solve a Telco’s Biggest Problem




  Big Telcos         and            Small Telcos



There are over 800 Telcos that all have the same Big Problem
























They all have fierce competitors





Competition is every Telco’s biggest problem

    • It forces them to constantly search for ways to retain subscribers and attract new ones. 
      • The battle for market share is ferocious because Telcos all sell virtually the same data plans and smartphones. 
      • Wireless data is a commodity market in which competition ultimately forces lower pricing and lower profits


    • To dominate in this market, a Telco needs to offer something more than just great service, cool advertising and low prices. 
      • It needs to offer something that dramatically enhances each customer’s user-experience.
      • Ideally, this service enhancement is proprietary and exclusive to their company.


Delivering data through a wearable device will give a Telco that competitive edge

    • GoPad is a disruptive wearable device that delivers data through the touchscreen interface everyone knows and loves.
      • Telco customers want both the mobility of a tiny touchscreen AND the productivity of a bigger touchscreen
      • A smartphone user’s paradoxical desire for a device that’s simultaneously big and small is a timeless conundrum

    • VTI has solved that conundrum by enabling a Big touchscreen to be worn with the mobility of a much smaller one
    • The original GoPad was a geeky-looking industrial tool but now it’s comes dressed in this stylish new package


    • Hands Free Mobility + Total Fashion Freedom = One totally addictive user-experience
      • A Telco that exclusively offers this new genre of wearable device will obviously attract and keep new subscribers.
      • Subsidized and bundled into the cost of their data plans, the GoPad will dramatically enhances their value proposition.
      • Wireless mobility shoppers will have no reason to buy from competitors.




GoPad also enhances a Telco’s Mobile Point Of Sale store operations


    • These two photos show how GoPad + MPOS software enable Telco Sales Associates to give better customer service.
      • Just seeing a GoPad in action generates curiosity that draws potential customers into the store.
      • What better place to teach potential customers how to improve their comfort, productivity and mobility?
      • Mobile Sales Associates and customers are no longer chained to the store’s desktop PCs
      • Watch this Shopify demo or this Lightspeed demo to see how MPOS enhances the shopping experience.







            Today’s mobile sales meetings                         Tomorrow’s mobile sales meetings







o       If you are a strategic manager at any of these 800 Telco companies, we invite you to contact us and request an evaluation sample.  Once you’ve tried using a GoPad, you’ll understand why bundling this high-fashion wearable tablet with your company’s data plans is good for business

      • VTI will soon have GoPads that fit Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxies
      • Deliveries to start in late Q3 of 2015
      • GoPad has strong International IP and our go-to-market strategy is to retail them through a single Telco per country
      • Having territorial exclusivity will maximise your company’s strategic advantage over local Telco competitors.



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