To see the future, let’s first look at today’s wearables





                       They look cool ...                           ... and apparently they’re fun to play with





         But how useful are they?                      That’s an important question!



And these experts from the future can show us the answer




Tablets can never be made obsolete by fitness gadgets or video toys


You don’t have to be a Starship Captain to understand why only a big touchscreen can give you precise tactile input AND high-bandwidth visual output.  Overlaying touch onto graphics is what makes a touchscreen tablet the optimal way to interface with any complex machine.  That ergonomic fact will remain true for as long as humans have fingers and eyes!


Tablets are the future but your big handheld tablet has a BIG problem:

The bigger your tablet is, the more productive its touchscreen becomes.  That’s great but unfortunately, it conflicts with the fact that the smaller your tablet is, the greater your mobility.  Which touchscreen device do you want?  Is it a big and productive device OR a small and mobile one?  That big/small size conundrum has forced mobile humans to own both a laptop and a smartphone... until now!


GoPad solves that problem!

It gives you “An Extra Pair Of Hands” so you can comfortably wear your big tablet hands-free, instead of trying to juggle using it and holding it.  Now one device is all you need for optimal productivity AND mobility!









And here are two upgrades that are coming soon




1) Support for the full range of tablets                  2) This simpler industrial design__





1) GoPad needs to fit a full range of tablets



It’s already got the most popular IOS and Android tablets covered





And here’s an interesting newcomer!




Xiaomi’s MiPad blends Apple’s 4:3 tablet shape with Google’s OS







And this case/cover enables the GoPad to fit their tablet






The GoPad for MiPad offers tablet-lovers another way to “Go Wearable


                              VTI’s patented swingarm mechanism and fashionable new shoulderbag function give Xiaomi’s

                                 tablet an unmistakeably distinct “Trade Dress”.  ___


                              That distinctive Trade Dress prevents visual confusion that might otherwise cause people to

                                 mistake Xiaomi’s Android tablet for Apple’s mini. ________


                              Adding an HDMI port and a SIM card to Xiaomi’s tablet will turn this compact wearable device

                                 into a Disruptive Giant for both mobile and desktop applications.  


                              Nothing else on earth looks or performs like a GoPad for MiPad





IOS and Android are covered

but Wearable Windows is missing



    Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to source an OEM case/cover with the

        right properties for holding a popular Windows tablet.­­­­­­­­  A specially engineered

tablet shell is needed ... so back to the drawing board!______________



2) A better industrial design for fitting new tablets

                        ._ ______________





The existing case/cover uses separate components            The new, injection moulded design is monolithic__



The left image shows GoPad’s current state of Industrial design.


Its machined aluminum backplate has hooked cord fairleads that improve comfort.  That backplate must currently be bonded to a polycarbonate case/cover to improve protection.   The bonded case/cover is also what enables the GoBag to attach to the GoPad in its new “Shoulderbag Mode”.


Implementing those design improvements was very worthwhile however doing so has increased VTI’s manufacturing costs.  To reduce production costs, we’ve sourced OEM case/covers that fit Apple’s iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy and Xiaomi’s MiPad; however case/covers with the right characteristics have been harder to source for other tablets. 






The right image above shows GoPad’s next industrial design.


This newly-engineered case/cover integrates the tablet-shell, the cord fairleads and the swingarm mounting components into a single injection-moulded part.  Integrating its components will improve the GoPad’s appearance, weight and cost per-unit cost however the cost of tooling this large moulded part is prohibitive for a small company like VTI. 




This integrated case/cover is just what the doctor ordered





Moulding a next-generation integrated case/cover to fit Microsoft’s Surface is the most logical solution.  That would liberate the Surface from its desktop prison and transform it into the ultimate BYOD tool.  A variety of smaller tablets from other manufacturers are also well-suited for upgrading to hands-free wearability.


I invite manufacturers to partner with VTI on fabricating a next-generation GoPad to fit your tablet.  I guarantee that the resulting accessory will transform your handheld tablet into a revolutionary tool.




Yours truly




Peter Kielland


Visionary Technology Inc.

Ottawa, Canada        

613-729-2592 (voice on my landline)

613-282-0688 (voice on my GoPad)

peterkielland (Skype)







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