Informal documentation of GoPad’s ongoing design evolution




Peter Kielland




GoPad’s new Camera Tripod Mount




How simple can you get?


It’s just two ¼”-20 threaded holes in the swingarm


As you can see, the swingarm’s new tripod-mount feature is extremely useful.  It has obvious photography applications for both consumers and professionals. 


For example, on construction sites: it could turn an iPad into an impromptu wireless security camera or time-lapse work progress recorder.  For some people, this tripod-mount alone is worth price of buying a GoPad : )


Above you see it pointed into my backyard.  You can see the black lower corners of the image being obstructed by the poorly positioned hole onto the backplate (see booboo posting below).  The new backplate design will fix that problem (see posting even further below).




Limited production of GoPads to support our early-adopters


We were busy here today assembling 50 new GoPads for Giatec as well as 10 new production prototypes





Here are the 50 old-style backplates that Giatec re-ordered.  I would have preferred that they get the newer type however they said that for consistency they wanted the same version that they’ve already sold to customers.


The fact that Giatec are re-ordering is as convincing a testimonial as Skanska’s email to Apple.  Giatec are integrating OEM GoPads into two of their engineering survey products: Inspex and X-cell .  Basing their systems on hands-free tablet wearability has enabled one surveyor to do the job that previously took two. 




The new Backplate Design Booboo



The new aluminum prototypes look a lot better than previous version that used rapid prototyping.  You can see in this photo that I made the camera hole a strange triangular shape.  That was to enable one GoPad backplate to fit both the iPad mini and the Xiaomi MiPad.  I was guessing a bit in positioning the hole and made an error of a couple of millimetres so it obstructs the camera a bit (see tripod-mount posting further above).  It’s not a fatal error so all-in-all I’m satisfied with these samples.  The next ones will be better.



Here you see how my CAD error resulted in the poorly positioned hole obstructing the iPad mini camera’s field of view : (






Here’s the solution




Here’s a design change I just made to the backplate that eliminates the camera-hole altogether.  It’s no more difficult to machine this version than the backplates shown above and I think the fairlead arm’s curvier shape adds a classy look.  GoPad is going after a high-end market: “The performance of a Ferrari and the looks of a Chistian Dior”.




GoBag Development


I’m convinced that the printable GoBag will open up a totally new consumer market for GoPad.  Women in particular will find it’s a fashionable way to carry a “wireless touchscreen device” and the image quality demonstrated on YouTube will enable them to do things with their wardrobe that are totally unique.




This is my terrible-looking prototype GoBag with a failed magnetic closing flap.  Sandra has made much nicer zippered bags and I’m expecting one in the mail tomorrow.  The new bag puffs out nicely as items are loaded into it so I think that for many people, the GoPad/GoBag could replace carrying a purse. 


If we can make this “printable shoulderbag fashions” idea work properly then the market for it is gigantic.  Fashion is not limited to consumers and I’m sure the GoBag’s corporate branding opportunity will be obvious when we show it to Enterprise customers.


Rikki is moving forward quickly on the GoBag prototypes.  He and Sandra are awaiting delivery of a Dye-sub printer and will send bags ASAP to go with the new prototypes. 


Watch a video to see how dye-sub turns this little girl into a shoulderbag




Each GoBag comes alive with an image that’s limited only by your imagination




The printed zippered bags will look fabulous in the new video!


We are lining up professional models and crew. 


The video will change everything and bring GoPad out of stealth mode.



First printed GoBag in Shoulderbag Mode



This first print only hints at the quality we’ll get when the dye-sub printer arrives



Fanny-pack mode feels great when I add the BackStrap



I wore it out shopping for 2 hours and used it often like this (wallet, keys etc in bag)



The next prototypes will use Dye-sub and have much better look and feel


Production GoBags will crumple up small like in my hand


Production bags will use a center-opening zipper



Here kitty kitty...




Another swingarm improvement



Here’s another nice improvement.  The new swingarm has much better detailing and filleting than previous prototypes.  The neckstrap now is easy to attach and detach very quickly (see the tripod photos above). 


The factory will need to make an extrusion die to cut down on the CNC machining time needed to fillet the arm like this however it’s well-worth the expense.  The look and feel are substantially improved over previous prototypes that used stock extrusions to save on fabrication costs.


This new swingarm is also a bit longer so it holds the tablet further away from the user’s stomach.  The longer arm also creates a bigger finger-gap for carrying the GoPad like a briefcase when it’s folded.






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