Improving tablet installation   and   Improving Tablet Protection



  This is the GoPad’s new tablet mount                It adds industrial-strength Protection!




  • The exploded CAD graphic on the left illustrates how the tablet snaps into a new mounting shell for easier installation.
    • The shell also protects the back of the tablet and the hinged screen-cover swings around to completely enclose it.


  • The CAD image on the right shows the same GoPad however its new “GoBag” accessory is removed for visual clarity.
    • The underlying screen-protector is visible and shown closed over the tablet to give it total protection.


Notes on tablet protection:

o       It’s impossible to drop a GoPad while it’s being worn.

o       If somehow it does get dropped, the closed aluminum swingarm acts as a shock-protection cage.

o       While the GoBag is attached to the screen-protector, it adds yet another layer of shock-protection (see Slide 8).

o       The GoBag disguises the valuable tablet so that it’s harder for thieves to identify and target (see Slide 24).

o       The closed swingarm also provides a secure handle for hand-carrying the tablet like a briefcase.

o       To facilitate hand-carrying and desktop use, the neckstrap is now detachable and can be stored inside the GoBag.

o       The closed swingarm also provides a secure grip while using the tablet’s touchscreen (see Slide 10).

o       The new swingarm has ¼”-20 threaded holes that mount the GoPad onto a camera tripod (see Slide 36).

Slide 6



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