This is the GoPad’s new GoBag accessory



It transforms the GoPad into a Shoulderbag              That can also display printed graphics!__


  • The GoBag is a cargo pouch that attaches onto the GoPad’s new 3-panel screen-protector
    • While it’s attached, as shown on the left, closing the GoPad transforms it into a useful and attractive shoulderbag
    • The left image illustrates two GoBags: one is orange and one is white … do you see both of them?
    • This zippered cargo pouch expands for transporting your wallet, your keys, a charger, headset, etc

  • The right image illustrates how any image can be printed onto the GoBag (in this case: it’s the  graphic shown on Slide 6)
    • This new “Printable Shoulderbag” capability turns the GoPad into an amazing new medium for fashion creativity

Slide 7



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