The GoPad now has Two synergistic wearing modes:


Its original FannyPack mode      and       Its new Shoulderbag mode





  • The two photos on the left illustrate why “FannyPack Mode” is best suited for high-productivity work applications such as construction engineering.  This wearing mode enables very robust hands-free mobility however it does so at the expense of forcing the user to look somewhat “Geeky”. 
  • The photo on the right shows why the GoPad’s new “Shoulderbag Mode” is better suited for applications that only require casual access to the tablet (brief mobile web access, Skyping, texting etc).  Now, instead of looking geeky, GoPad users can wear a simple and practical shoulderbag that looks amazingly cool.  




Shoulderbag Mode looks cool, and it gives Amazing Ergonomic Performance…



Slide 9



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