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How to install the GoMount





The swingarm locks horizontally over the dash                     Two Velcro loop pads hold it securely in place


When the GoPad’s swingarm is locked at 90 degrees it forms an L-shaped structure that bridges over difficult-to-fit curvature and controls.  Instead of sitting on top of the dash, where it would block your view, your tablet hangs down over the console.  Your big touchscreen is securely held where it needs to be for optimal ergonomics and safety.






The GoMount is standard equipment with every GoPad                  Its straps can be left on the dash or stored in a GoBag               


The Velcro fixtures hold the swingarm securely in place on the dash with over 15 pounds of horizontal shear strength.  The Velcro-hook straps peel on or off the dashboard’s Velcro-loop pads so it’s easy to mount or dismount the GoPad in seconds.  If you ever want to remove them, the plush “Velcro™ Sticky Back” pads on the dash peel off without a trace.


Each strap wraps around the swingarm to form a hook-tab that mates with one of the loop-pads; it’s simple, strong and works!  The kit also includes a pair of soft “booties” that prevent the GoPad’s hooked neckstrap fairleads from scratching your dash.  To access a control that’s hidden behind the GoPad; simply lift up on the tablet and it swings away.
















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In 1984 it was the mouse and then in 2007 it was the touchscreen


In 2016 tablet wearability will start the next Ergonomic Revolution





In 1984 the desktop mouse was introduced with the Macintosh.  It enabled Mac users to operate the GUI with one hand and that new freedom improved ergonomics... ergonomic innovation is what started a desktop Revolution!

In 2007 the touchscreen was introduced in the iPhone.  Users could carry their tiny tablet in one hand while operating its GUI with the other.  That new freedom improved mobile ergonomics and started the smartphone Revolution.

In 2015 the wearable tablet is introduced.  Wearability enables full-sized tablet users to free both of their hands... ergonomic innovation is what makes GoPad the Evolution of smartphones!


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The Wearable That Works