A proposal to Independent Rideshare Contractors













Which one of these devices works best?



The answer is clear



GoPad’s bigger touchscreen gives you a better rideshare driving experience



1)    GoPad is a revolutionary “wearable device”; a truly wearable tablet with unprecedented versatility and mobility.  Watch it in action to see why it’s like having an extra pair of hands.  


2)    Each GoPad includes the “GoCar” accessory that you see in action above.  It can instantly mount your wearable tablet onto a car’s dashboard, transforming it into an extreme infotainment hotrod.


3)    Driving with a GoPad will definitely improve your rideshare experience.  The UberOffer business proposal outlined below will definitely improve your rideshare profits...




The GoPad UberOffer

Draft Jan 27


1) Rideshare Drivers get 25% off our Indiegogo launch price

    • GoPad is a 4-part system that will retail for approximately $150 USD
    • Our Indiegogo supporters will pay $100 so Rideshare Driver Partners will pay just $75
      • Drivers Partners also jump to the head of our GoPad’s delivery waiting line
      • To qualify for this offer you’ll need to show history of driving at least 10 rideshares per month

2)  Rideshare drivers also earn 20% sales commissions while they drive

Things are reversed; you generate sales leads so you receive 20% of gross revenues


Alastair’s Comments:

Peter: make this outline it’s clickable/collapsible so people can Show/Hide your great “Here’s how it works” detail

Too much information… less is more!  Focus your bullet points for easier reading.  Great CAD graphics!  Tally-ho



Here’s how our enhanced business model generates an extra revenue stream

    • If a curious passenger should happen to ask you about the big moving map display on your dash, just be Uber-helpful and tell them about it.  If you demonstrate a few voice commands, they’ll quickly understand that they’re driving in an Extreme Infotainment Hotrod.
    • If you tap the screen and show them rear-view video streaming from the GoPro camera pointing out the back window, you have a great opener for describing the unique and powerful features of GoPad’s latest innovation: the “GoCam”.
    • If their curiosity grows and they’d like a hands-on closer look, you can easily pluck your GoPad off the dash and offer to lend it to them while you drive. 
    • Who can resist a new toy?  “Would you like to play with it or surf the web while I drive?”  or else “Here, I’ve got it  playing a cool video that shows you what a GoPad can do and how to use it”  (see video preview at the bottom of this page)
    • GoPad will sell itself once a curious person tries using it.  No need for sales pressure... let your customer make the first move

                    This image explains why passing the GoPad to your passengers is easy

It also shows how you can use a GoPad while you’re parked and waiting for a ride

Hanging the GoPad on your steering wheel gives you an incredibly comfortable user experience

You get handsfree ergonomics for gaming, web surfing, emailing, watching movies etc

The CAD simulation above shows you an 8-inch GoPad for iPad mini

“GoPading while parked” gets even better with a 10-inch GoPad

Only using it in bed can give you better comfort

What better way to wait for new rides?



Here’s why the GoPad and its GoCar accessory work so well together

        • Watch here to see how the patented swingarm mechanism locks instantly at 90 degrees to form a desktop stand. 
          • The L-shaped stand structure bridges over the complex shape of your dashboard and controls

-          Its swingarm hangs on the GoCar two dash-mounted posts (see details here)

-          The forces of gravity and car motion lock the GoPad securely in place

          • You can instantly release the GoPad from the dash; just lift up on the tablet’s lower edge

-          It rotates up so the swingarm can unhook from the mount-posts and it’s free in your hand

-          The swingarm provides a secure handgrip for passing it to anyone in the car


Here’s what your GoPad-equipped passengers will experience while you drive

        • They can sit back and wear it like this to get a uniquely comfortable infotainment experience
          • Front-seat passengers get the same Uber-ergonomics you get using the “steering wheel mode” above
          • Back-seat passengers get much better tablet positioning than with any backrest-mounted holder
        • Alternatively, passengers can simply use GoPad’s desktop stand to hold the tablet on their lap
          • The swingarm’s wide and stable support geometry is perfect for handsfree laptop use in a moving car
        • Curious passengers can watch a GoPad video to learn proper GoPading technique
          • Scroll down to watch a mood-preview of our: How cool is that? Crowdfunding pitch video

How you collect your 20% sales commissions

        • Each time you drop off a passenger that seemed genuinely enthusiastic about GoPad, feel free to offer them a 10% discount code for buying one online
          • If they accept your offer, give them your business card and ask them to use you as their GoPad Sales Lead.  When they purchase their GoPad in our online store, they’ll be asked for your Sales Rep ID number in order to receive their 10% discount
        • Each time you make a successful sales referral, we’ll credit your account with a 20% sales commission
          • After 5 sales we’ll ship you a free GoPad you can sell directly


3)  Advertise your business by wearing a custom-printed GoBag

    • Marketing your rideshare service with fashion will attract new customers directly


Here’s how it works

    • Uber and other data processing service providers
      • Finding your own customers and doing business with them directly is a no-brainer good business strategy... but how do you attract and connect with new customers?
    • That’s were GoPad’s customizable GoBag accessory is worth its weight in gold... 
      • Watch this to see how your GoPad can become a wearable billboard for promoting your business


Here’s what your Printable Fashion GoBag could look like



We’ll custom-print whatever rideshare image you upload in our store













Oh, I forgot to mention...




LyftDrivers are also eligible for The GoPad UberOffer




































































There’s a global explosion of automotive common sense!






So which infotainment device works best for your business?



Now the answer is crystal clear





And we’re about to make GoPad even easier to understand







Bottom Line:


As an inventor and product developer, I’m proud of how well GoPad has met its design goal.  As a small business owner, I’m equally proud of how well this partnership works; it’s a win/win marketing strategy that helps independent rideshare contractors diversify their business and attract new customers.


There are already over a billion under-utilised cars on the road so improving how ridesharing works is a worthy goal.  Ridesharing software can make our existing automotive resource work far more efficiently... the last thing we need is to replace human-driven cars with a global fleet of self-driving robots.  Human-powered ridesharing is a far better solution because it also helps alleviate a problem that’s much bigger than traffic congestion.  People everywhere need a way to earn a decent living! 


If rideshare revenues are boosted and shared fairly, the drivers who make it work will definitely benefit.  This “UberOffer” is an expanded business model that’s ideally-suited to the needs of independent rideshare contractors.  It’s good for your rideshare business, it’s good my GoPad business... and it’s good for People In Motion everywhere!  Please help start that Rideshare Revolution by supporting our Crowdfunding campaign... let’s rock the boat.



Yours truly



Peter Kielland


Visionary Technology Inc.

Ottawa, Canada








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